Component &
Systems Testing

Improve Time to Market and Increase Capacity

Every component, system, and subsystem that goes into something as complex as a turbine engine must be exhaustively vetted and tested for both safety and regulatory compliance. Often, these requirements compromise time-to-market and stretch the capacity of already overloaded systems.

But - it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Intertec, you can obtain expert component certification and validation, on-time and on-budget. To keep your project running smoothly and safely, we ensure requirements flow validation and conformity inspections, in addition to compliance in:

  • DO-160
  • ARP4754A
  • DO-178
  • DO-254

Quality Results, Tried and Tested

Experienced in Component & Systems Testing

With Improved Insights
Intertec can Manage End-To-End Validation

Intertec’s extensive engineering experience allows us to gain a comprehensive overview of all testing requirements for any system or component, ranging from machined parts, castings, and forgings to complex components. 


Verification matrix for technical requirements


Data analysis


Compliance analysis


Test environment set-up


Ongoing test support

Cut Out the Middleman

We work with your engineers, vendors, and technicians to reduce risk without compromising time-to-market. With our integrated approach, we’ve got you covered throughout the entire lifecycle, from stress and material stress to full-fledged system verification.

By partnering with Intertec, you will obtain support from:

  • FAA/EASA recognized certification experts (FAR23, FAR35, DO-160, DO-178, DO-264)
  • Industry-recognized independent design reviewers
  • Subject matter experts with hundreds of years of combined engineering experience

Intertec will ensure that each and every component is tested and verified for optimal performance. With scalable engagement models, we will provide exactly the support you need, when you need it.

No matter how complex the project, Intertec will handle it - improving test accuracy, time-to-market, and scaling your team’s capacity.

Intertec Engineering provides engineering solutions with a team of experts

No matter how complex, we manage every project from conception to completion