Benefits of Outsourcing to an Engineering SME

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The aerospace industry is seeing some significant changes right now, particularly concerning growth. An influx in customer demand is now nudging manufacturers to increase their production efforts. While a positive change, this means that manufacturers must revamp operations and drastically scale capacity. Many companies are looking towards engineering SMEs to facilitate these efforts–and here's why. 

Outsourcing is by no means a new concept but one that is becoming increasingly popular in the aerospace and engineering industries. As complex as these industries are, obtaining support from a team of subject matter experts (SMEs) can help aerospace manufacturers get a leg-up against competitors, as well as revamp internal operations. 

With multidisciplinary experts on their side, companies can significantly improve operations, whether that be through scaled capacity, reduced costs, or accelerated time-to-market (on top of access to niche industry skills and expertise). Whatever your needs may be, a managed engineering provider will help you meet them–and do so much more. 

Now, let's dive into the benefits you can expect from partnering with a team of engineering SMEs. 


Scale Internal Capacity


As is nearly every industry today, the aerospace industry faces a severe talent shortage. Unfortunately, considering the industry's current growth spurt, this couldn't have come at a worse time. While manufacturers are scrambling to scale up their operations, their workforce seems to be shrinking in size. But, this means it's the perfect time for aerospace companies to partner with a managed engineering partner. 

By outsourcing your engineering efforts, you can significantly scale the capacity of your internal workforce. Your current team members can continue operating as usual while obtaining expert support. SMEs will handle the processes that are either too complex for your team or too time-consuming with a limited workforce. As such, your internal efforts can focus more on innovation and growth. 

With a scaled capacity, your company will be able to significantly increase production efforts and work more efficiently. The support provided by your managed engineering provider will ensure that your team can thrive during this prosperous period–even in the face of a talent shortage. 


Increase Cost Savings


Another significant benefit of outsourcing your engineering services is increased cost savings. With a team of experts experienced in a wide range of engineering specialties, you can obtain niche skills and resources at a fraction of the cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new talent for every specialty. 

Additionally, because you'll be working with experts, your organization will also benefit from decreased application and infrastructure maintenance. Your expert engineers will manage projects from conception to completion, ensuring maintenance and compliance the whole way through. As such, you will significantly reduce the risk of delays and disruptions, saving you time and money. 


Improve Time-to-Market


As an aerospace manufacturer, you know how crucial it is to keep your product time-to-market as low as possible. Unfortunately, this is challenging to accomplish with products as complex as aerospace components. Each and every product consists of numerous components and systems that must be designed and tested. This process is highly time-consuming, especially considering the potential for supply chain disruptions, missing parts, delayed shipments, and testing errors. 

Fortunately, managed engineers can expedite these processes while ensuring quality and accuracy. With extensive engineering experience, your provider will quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of all design and testing requirements with end-to-end validation to ensure that your products are ready for market. 

With the support of an engineering provider, you can rest assured that every product will be tested and verified for optimal performance on time and on budget. As such, you can significantly reduce your time-to-market, helping your products reach customers faster. Considering the growing rate of consumer demand right now, this is crucial to stay competitive in the aerospace industry. 


Obtain Expert Support


We've mentioned that in outsourcing to a managed engineering provider, you'll gain access to a multidisciplinary team of expert engineers, all of whom are equipped with niche skills. Even beyond this, your provider will have access to valuable industry resources and connections–which are near impossible to come by otherwise, particularly for small players in the aerospace industry. 

These engineers will also come equipped with a portfolio of certifications which may be time-consuming and expensive to acquire within your internal workforce. As such, you get all the benefits of these certifications and degrees without spending the time or money yourself. 

As your managed engineering provider is devoted to supporting your team and meeting your goals, they will be available 24/7. Whether you need on-site support or remote consulting, your provider will be there to guide you through every step of your project–exactly when you need them. 

Plus, as your provider will work with your engineers, vendors, and technicians, you can significantly reduce bottlenecks in communication and collaboration. This team will have a comprehensive understanding of your exact needs and work directly with your organization to help you achieve goals and exceed expectations. 


Flexible and Scalable Solutions


While the aerospace industry may be on the come-up right now, there's no telling how that may change in upcoming years. Particularly considering the industry's unexpected fall only a few years ago, it is vital that manufacturers implement flexible and scalable business models. If not, you may rush to scale up productions now, only to be left with an excess of materials and equipment later on. 

Fortunately, this is why managed engineering providers offer flexible and scalable solutions. With the ability to increase or decrease support as needed, your organization can easily adjust to market fluctuations. Plus, your provider will offer tailored solutions to meet your exact needs–you will never receive a cookie-cutter solution. As your needs change, so can the services of your engineering provider. 


Partnering with Intertec Engineering


Aerospace manufacturing is on the precipice of exponential growth and innovation. With new technologies becoming available and a reinvorigated customer interest, aerospace manufacturers need to revamp their operations to take advantage of this lucrative time. In the face of these promising opportunities, as well as daunting hurdles to overcome, obtaining the support of industry experts is an invaluable tool. If we've persuaded you to look externally for your engineering needs, look no further. All of the benefits discussed in this blog result from the skills and capabilities of Intertec Engineering. 

Our engineering experts will provide you with a wide array of niche engineering capabilities, years of experience, and highly accredited certifications. With offerings in six engineering disciplines, our team has the means to support your aerospace projects from start to finish–and everywhere in between. 


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